Training Courses

We are working very hard to revamp our training courses and will be releasing new courses over the next few weeks along with a great user experience.  

This will include Social Media, Business Operations, Rostering, Managing Meeting and a host of other Foodservice related training.


Pay Per Course

Each course costs between $30 and $140 depending on level of course and length.  Click the button below to browse and purchase our courses

Custom Courses

We can create custom courses for your business be it for Marketing, Product Education or Customer Engagement. Click below to discuss your needs.

Compliance Courses

Let FoodLogic manage your induction and compliance training by providing a digital platform and content that your staff will enjoy using with tracking of progress for every employee for you. Click below to discuss your requirements.

FoodLogic Free Course

Try our training out with our free course on what FoodLogic is.

Training Courses

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