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The foodservice industry is our passion and we’re here to help the people within it. We help turn a great love of food into greater returns, without exploiting anyone else’s passion in the process. We work to bring greater transparency and honesty into the sector.
We showcase skills and specialisations of producers, suppliers and chefs, while crafting genuine and mutually beneficial connections. We strive for continual improvement, innovation and excellence. We want to arm the industry with the world-leading technologies, up-to-the-minute knowledge and cutting-edge trends. We want to help you transform your passion into profit, not just for today, but endlessly.

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  • Endless Knowledge & Experience

    Our Executive Director, Venessa Barnes, has 15 years’ chef experience, another 15 years in foodservice sales and four more years in foodservice marketing. Venessa has a Philosophy - if something doesn't make sense, then why do it? Venessa is the go to person for the industry when support, guidance and solutions are sought.

  • Profit through Innovation

    We’re passionate about changing the foodservice industry for the better. We’ll help you achieve better results by uncovering then exploring possibilities that you, or those in your business may never have heard of. We'll Introduce new areas of innovation in a structured and measurable way to drive your business further.

  • Customer obsessed. Honestly.

    Our shared passion for foodservice is just the beginning. From your first contact, we’re on your team and set to solve any problem - all with the utmost integrity, transparency and honesty.


If you want to win in the space and need a safe pair of hands - Foodlogic is where you need to go

Tony Green | Marketing Leader

With Foodservice being such a fragmented industry you really need someone with the connections, experience & energy Venessa brings.

Venessa is passionate, connected and empathetic to all

Paul Rifkin | Chefpaulrifkin Consulting

Throughout the engagements with Venessa I found an industry professional who went far and above to achieve what seemed like the impossible. Paul Rifkin - Chefpaulrifkin Consulting

Venessa is a leading figure and genuine mentor

Alex Patterson| Executive Chef, The Ary

Her knowledge for the industry and ability to help people become connected is incredible.

Fact based route-to-market strategies

Sissel Rosengren Food Industry Foresight | Managing Director

Venessa is a driven, highly talented and experienced person whose main focus is to achieve tangible outcomes

Determination and passion for our industry is second to none!

Sam Burke Product and Business Development Manager, Corporate chef | Meat and Livestock Australia

Venessa has always been a thought leader, passionate foodservice advocate, influencer and a highly skilled industry results focused leader.

We want our great suppliers to grow and build their businesses

John Deane | Executive Chef, Venues Live

I would describe Venessa and Food Logic as the missing link. a huge network and understanding of the whole supply chain and every facet of the hospitality industry.

FoodLogic is bridging the gaps in supply and end user

Gerry Maher | Executive Chef, Australian Turf Club, Rosehill Gardens

Venessa’s passion, insight, and industry knowledge, mixed with her large network of supply chain and end users, is a mix for success in ensuring a brightly aligned future for our industry.

Venessa Barnes is the most professional proficient person in FMCG

Adam Moore | CEO, Culinary Revolutions

Venessa's attention to the littlest detail is nothing short of amazing and this is backed by her impressive theoretical knowledge

I love how connected Venessa stays within industry

John McFadden | State Development Manager NSW, Goodrop Oils

Venessa is very genuine in her dealings and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge. It has been highly valuable and has assisted in making strategic decisions I have made in Group Executive Chef roles over the years.

Venessa has an in-depth understanding of all dimensions within foodservice

Nicholas Robert | Founder at Learning Vault

Being able to engage with multiple stakeholders and understand supply chain through their eyes, and what success looks like for their business means that Food Logic is at the cutting edge of services to the sector.