Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Clean


Health and Safety is the single most important factor as to why it is important to clean your kitchen premise and equipment. Ensuring that the kitchen areas are clean promotes the following: clean food preparation, safety of kitchen staff and prevention of infestation or (cross-) contamination.



1 course
Course Award: Micro-Credential
Course Duration: 3 Hours
Course Complexity: Foundation*
Lessons: 8
*Foundation – Introduces a concept and explores the concept and how it is applied
Intermediate – Explores a concept and builds from an entry-level understanding, through to an advanced level or mastery.
Advanced – Focuses on complexities of subject matter, participants are recommended to have an understanding of subject matter prior to enrolling in course. Typically designed for managers or people with experience in the subject matter.

Eight lessons of learnings.

Cleaning and Sanitisation
Food preparation equipment and utensils
Environmental Hygiene
WHS with chemicals
Personal protective equipment
safety signs and barricades
Waste Management and sustainability


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