Run Effective Meetings


An effective meeting serves a useful purpose. This means that in it, you achieve a desired outcome. In this course, we learn what makes a meeting effective every time!



Course Award: Micro-Credential
Course Duration: 3 Hours
Course Complexity: Intermediate
Lessons: 4 plus Appendix and Quiz
Foundation – Introduces a concept and explores the concept and how it is applied
Intermediate – Explores a concept and builds from an entry level understanding, through to an advanced level or mastery.
Advanced – Focuses on complexities of subject matter, participants are recommended to have an understanding of subject matter prior to enrolling in course. Typically designed for managers or people with experience in the subject matter.

There are good meetings and there are bad meetings. Don’t have meetings that go on forever, and leave your team wondering why they were even present. Have effective ones! Get your team energised and feeling that they’ve really accomplished something!

In this course we teach you what makes a meeting effective – which really boils down to three things:

They achieve the meeting’s objective.
They take up a minimum amount of time.
They leave participants feeling that a sensible process has been followed.

If you structure your meeting planning, preparation, execution, and follow-up around these three basic criteria, the result will be an effective meeting.


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