The essential Guide to Planning Direct Marketing Activities


Establishing a strong business image and positioning to effectively reach target customers.



Course Award: Micro-Credential
Course Duration: 5 Hours
Course Complexity: Intermediate*
13 Lessons plus quiz
*Foundation – Introduces a concept and explores the concept and how it is applied
Intermediate – Explores a concept and builds from an entry-level understanding, through to an advanced level or mastery.
Advanced – Focuses on complexities of subject matter, participants are recommended to have an understanding of subject matter prior to enrolling in course. Typically designed for managers or people with experience in the subject matter.

With so many different options and technologies available in the present day for businesses to promote their brand, attract customers and gather information on their marketplace, it is important to have a sound understanding of the role mediums play in establishing a strong business image and positioning themselves to reach their target customers effectively.
In this micro-credential, we address how organisations can conduct the correct research to forecast their market environment accurately, utilise different forums and online platforms to market their brand, and simultaneously develop a marketing campaign to keep in line with organisational goals and objectives.


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