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We love hanging out with Gerry, he is gracious, respectful and sincere. Gerry is also a master of utilising product to maximise his food costs and eliminate food wastage. Gerry Executive Chef, Australian Turf Club – Rosehill Gardens serves thousands of meals over a year across many venues within his operation which makes the challenge all the more exciting by creating dishes which utilise every ounce of the product. In the dish Gerry has created for this video he champions cauliflower and how you can use the leaves, stem and the curd. This dish is packed full of layered flavours with the addition of macadamia tahini and a orange infused labneh. It is amazing how you can take the humble cauliflower and create a dish which will deliver great results for your menu, costs and guests. https://youtu.be/AELDch63y-M

Great vegetarian option for your Cafe or Bistro menu